Introducing Our All-New MTS Trucking Service

MTS Trucking Provides the Solution to Recent Trucking Delays and Bottlenecks in the LA-Long Beach Area

Leading the Way in Uncertain Times

The COVID-19 has disrupted our global economy and has thrown the trucking industry into chaos. In response, MTS Logistics has launched MTS Trucking Service, the solution to our clients’ trucking needs and challenges during this complex time.

MTS Logistics has launched its MTS Trucking Service to serve the entire Los Angeles-Long Beach metropolitan area and bring reliable trucking operations to our customers during this chaotic time. We are available to fulfill your trucking needs on your schedule.

Your Solution to Last-Mile Delivery Issues

With many companies facing issues with last-mile of delivery issues, MTS Trucking Service takes this challenge head on by fulfilling this part of the logistics supply chain.

  • Track and Do Business Easier

    MTS Trucking Service allows customers to more easily do business and track their shipments from Point A to B with visibility into the entire supply chain from origin to door delivery.

  • More Reliable and Transparent

    MTS Trucking Service is accessible to our customers at any time without a long backlog, letting you send or receive deliveries on your schedule.

  • #1 in Customer Service

    Combining the established MTS Logistics customer service team with our experienced truck operators, MTS Trucking Service offers the highest-standard of customer service.

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