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Case Studies

Why work with us?

The movement of cargo from its origin to destination is a very important stage of the whole project. Whether it is a power generation unit for a factory, or a gas turbine for a plant, or some mining equipment that will be used during excavation operations in a coal mine, one could only be utilized only after it is safely delivered. At MTS, we  fully understand the value behind the cargo as well the challenges and complexities that are involved in the movement to its final destination.

With this concept in mind, we do our homework in the very beginning by going through a very detailed study to ensure efficient and safe delivery of your cargo. It is a standard procedural stage at which we thoroughly analyze various components of the project; including cargo dimensions, weights, origin and destination facilities, availability of equipment, route conditions and more. Each project has its own scenario which requires detailed planning, risk assessment and foresight that come with extensive knowledge which is resident with MTS.

Case Study 1 (Shipment of a 110 ton transformer from USA to Mexico by truck + rail)

  • Dimensions in Meters (L x W x H): 5.74 x 3.10 x 4.37m
  • Weight: 110 metric tons

Challenge A: Cargo is too high and cannot be moved from factory to nearest seaport due to DOT restrictions.

Solution: MTS Projects planned the movement from plant to destination by special rail service

Challenge B: Cargo is too high to clear one section of the origin/manufacturing plant (and a mobile crane cannot be positioned in the plant due to height and space limitations)

Solution: MTS Projects set up a jack & slide system within the plant to slide the transformer to an area of the plant with sufficient height clearance for loading on trailer for movement from plant to nearest rail-siding

Challenge C: Complex railroad clearance and operating procedures

Solution: MTS Projects rail engineering team provided technical data and drawings necessary for obtaining railroad clearances. Rail expediting team attended the entire trip and monitored the movement up to final destination in Mexico

Case Study 2 (Shipment of 2 x 70 ton reactors from USA to Middle East)

  • Dimensions in Meters (L x W x H): 14.00 x 4.75 x 4.23m
  • Weight: 70000kgs each

Challenge A: Dimensional restrictions at origin

Solution A: MTS Projects conducted route surveys both at origin and overseas to come up with a transportation plan and suggested route.

Challenge B: Cargo’s unique lifting procedures that require 10 point bottom lift

Solution B: Appropriate rigging equipment is provided by MTS Projects both at origin and destination ensuring to meet suggested lifting protocols

Challenge C: Technical obstacles at destination plant

Solution C: Technical obstacles were overcome by utilizing special equipment after engineering assessment

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