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Project and Break-Bulk Cargo Services

With a team of highly experienced individuals, MTS Projects Division offers custom-made solutions for the international movement of oversized and heavy cargoes. Our vast knowledge with ships, equipment and heavy cargo handling procedures help us to plan and conduct complex logistics operations for delivering large and heavy cargoes.

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Think “Out of The Box”

The term “oversized” is commonly used for anything that cannot be shipped by use of standard containers which is a usual way in terms of shipping variety of goods and commodities. Containers come in certain sizes with limited volume and weight capacity. What you have with a standard container is basically a box that is made of steel. When we speak of oversized cargo on the other hand, it is basically something that will not fit in that box, and for that reason, some other arrangements will have to be made. We, at Projects Division, like to say think “out of the box” for planning those complex logistics arrangements.


We work with our clients to increase efficiency in their logistics arrangements thus aiming at reducing costs. MTS Projects has been a strong partner to many organizations operating in various industries including chemical, construction, mining, power generation, oil and gas.

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