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MTS has been very active in this market. We have extensive knowledge about general cargo shipping as well as handling of specific commodities such as garments and tobacco. Some of the specific services that we can provide from this area can be listed as below:

  1. Coverage at all major ports and ICDs
  2. Garments only consolidation service out of key origins such as Chennai, Tuticorin and NhavaSheva to USA. Importers face tremendous challenges when moving LCL freight (garments and ready made goods) from INDIA to USA, mainly because of lack of control and visibility of freight. MTS Logistics can help to overcome these challenges.
  3. Special benefits of garments only consolidation service:
    • We only accept garments and ready made goods to consolidate
    • Express transit times
    • Premium services used with guaranteed space each week
    • Great control and visibility of freight
    • Single window delivery order at final destination
    • Weekly fixed console with assured space and equipments
  4. GOH Facilities
    • State of the Art exclusive GOH facility at the bonded warehouse
    • Specialized Handling
    • Dust free system
    • Temperature control area at GOH facilities in New Delhi
    • Segregation of garments based on PO , STYLE NUMBERS AND SIZES
  5. Multi-Vendor Consolidation
  6. Expertise on tobacco handling: Tobacco requires special handling. We can handle customs brokerage, agency and declaration and provide warehousing for tobacco in India.

Indian Subcontinent

  • Web-based WMS software with Online Delivery/Shipment Tracking System
  • Fully Equipped QC Rooms for Quality Inspection
  • Washing Machines, Drying Machines, etc. for RMG Shipments
  • Bar Code printing, labeling and scanning facilities
  • Box/Pallet Weighing Scales
  • Box Measurement Reading Device
  • Temperature Reading Device
  • Video tracking facility on warehouse operational activities
  • Warehousing
    • Freight Management
    • Inventory Management System
    • Order Management/ Processing
    • Sorting
    • Pick & Pack
      • QC Platform facility
    • Equipped with all modern facilities
      • Distribution
    • On-Time delivery and distribution
    • Tracking of delivery and distribution
    • Distribution services all over Bangladesh
    • On time reporting of distribution

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