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Customer satisfaction is the #1 priority at MTS Logistics. That is why we vigorously follow an internationally recognized set of principles and standards, which guarantee the highest quality performance in all areas of our business.

Quality Standards (ISO 9001:2008)

MTS Logistics adheres to the Quality Measurement System developed by the International Standards Organization. We are proud to be an ISO_9001:2008 certified business, which means that our procedures, processes, records and results are constantly monitored for effectiveness. To maintain our ISO_9001:2008 certification, outside auditors evaluate our performance annually. At the root of our commitment to the implementation and ongoing maintenance of Quality Measurement Standards is our steely eyed focus on the continual improvement of our organization and operations for the ultimate benefit of our clients.

Safety and Security (CTPAT)

MTS Logistics is keenly aware of the crucial role we play in ensuring the safety and security of our clients’ supply chains. That is why we have become a member of CTPAT (Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism), the first worldwide supply chain security initiative. As CTPAT members, we follow a stringent set of practices and guidelines that allow our clients to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing their supply chains are well secured.

Personalized Service

MTS Logistics prides itself on offering clients highly personalized service which is characterized by open and frequent communication, and a company-wide commitment to exceed customers’ expectations. When required, our personalized service program can include the adaptation of our standard operating procedure to clients’ internal, proprietary systems.

Training and Education

MTS Logistics knows that our company as a whole can only be as good as each staff member. That is why we invest significant resources in training and education programs that increase knowledge levels, and enhance the performance of employees at all levels of our organization. In our view, their success is our success.

Some of our Training and Education Programs include:

  • INCOTERM 2000
  • Import Documentation and Procedures
  • Export Documentation and Procedures
  • CTPAT and Security
  • Customs Entry Workshop
  • Insurance and Carriers Liability
  • Customer Service Techniques and Communication Skills
  • Import and Export Techniques

Recruiting the Best

Training and education are only part of MTS Logistics’ formula for achieving a consistently high level of performance. The second part of our formula is our ability to recruit the best and the brightest candidates with a natural inclination for customer service and a strong work ethic. Once onboard, our progressive human resource policies and programs ensure that employees are motivated to achieve at their highest levels.

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